Date: 18th October 2006 at 10:40am
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Portsmouth full-back Richard Duffy should complete his third loan move to Coventry City in time for Monday’s game against Colchester United.

Micky Adams has moved for the Welsh international after losing both Marcus Hall and David McNamee in recent games, and with Andy Whing on loan at Brighton.


7 Replies to “Duffy to return again”

  • NO, NO, NO! why do we never build in re-call options? We should still have Andy Whing in the 1st place…we should be able to re-call him in the 2nd place. Duffy will be 5 steps backwards. He ISN’T good enough to play for us.

  • this is the same guy who stuck two fingers up at us when he got fit at the end of last year claiming he was too good for us! Why should we have im back!? Rubbish.

  • funny that the above poto show’s him flapping his arms like a headless chicken – certainly how I remember him! – He did bad mouth on the way out last time – not a smart move – Whing (possibly more industry than ability) would still have been a better option!

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